Restaurante Porto Novo

Vale de Cambra
Description / Facilities
The Restaurant Porto Novo  is located 11 km from Serra da Freita, in Porto Novo which has a stunning  view over Vale de Cambra. There is possible to see the  wonderful sunset that in the  horizon is reflected on the waters of the Atlantic. The Porto Novo restaurant is just a routine escape in terms of localization, decoration, service and gastronomy. Each dish has a preparation and careful presentation, based on quality products.
Address: Porto Novo - Macieira de Cambra 3730-301 Vale de Cambra
Phone: 256472343

25 Oct 2019

01 to 30 Nov 2019

Porto Novo Viewpoint

Leaving Porto Novo place towards Cabanelas, we can get a view over the lower part of the village and the fields.

Cabaços vein of quartz (geosite 9)

The Cabaços vein of quartz is the biggest and most prominent sample of veins of this kind existing in the Freita mountain. For example, it is possible to...
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