Restaurante Pensão Suissa

Vale de Cambra
Description / Facilities
With capacity for 120 people, this modern restaurant continues to serve dishes that made famous the Pensão  Suissa, but continues to serve the flavours that aroused emotions and stimulate memories, as the traditional Roast Lamb, the famous “Arouquesa” Veal, Duck Rice, and "Suissa" Lamprey, awaited every year by our customers more enthusiastic of  this so rare delicacy. 

After seven decades, the Pensão Suissa continues to serve its dishes with the same flavour and intensity that were served in the 30’s, nowadays in  a restaurant completely refurbished and appropriate to the highest  standards of quality. 

In these seventy seven  years there were numerous visitors who celebrated the best moments of their lives in baptisms, weddings, communions, birthdays, silver wedding, golden wedding anniversary, state dinners, former students dinners and enjoyed themselves in the most memorable parties  as Carnival, Grape Harvest,  “Reveillon” among others.
Address: Presa do Monte 730-302 Vale de Cambra
Phone: 256462233

11 Oct 2019 to 03 May 2020

26 Jan 2020

Giant’s Kettles in the Caima river (geosite 4)

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Fish Tail Sculpture

It is a sculpture by João Macedo, made in pink marble. It is situated next to the Municipal Library.
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