Restaurante Panorâmico Senhora da Graça

Mondim de Basto
Description / Facilities
Situated in the Alto do Monte Farinha, the Alto Panoramic Restaurant of Alto da Senhora da Graça covers around a magnificent view. There you can taste the most varied Portuguese cuisine from roasted Loin, Veal and Lamb, to roasted codfish with baked roast cod with baked potatoes, not forgetting the Steak Senhora da Graça, an exclusive and very popular dish.
Day off - None. In the winter period only opens on Saturdays and Sundays. The working hours is subject to weather conditions.
Capacity: 100-120 people
Address: Monte Farinha 4880 Mondim de Basto
Phone: 963759600

02 Jan to 17 Dec 2020
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County Festivities in Honer of São Cristovão

24 to 26 Jul 2020
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