Restaurante Chão D

Description / Facilities

It has capacity for 120 people. The specialties are, "cozido à Portuguesa" (various meats, potatoes and vegetables, cooked), "cabrito assado" (roasted lamb), "bacalhau à lagareiro" (roasted cod with potatoes) and "vitela assada" (roast veal).
Address: Chão D'Ave, Chave, Arouca, Portugal
Phone: 256465864

29 Sep 2019

02 Jan to 31 Dec 2019

Plum Line Sculpture

It is a sculpture made by the author João Macedo. It is made in steel, corten steel and marble.It is located next to the Judicial Court.

Moreira Small Dam

The Moreira small dam is located in the place of Santa Cruz, in the parish of Rôge. The small dam was built by the Commander António Almeida Pinho, in...
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