Restaurante Central

Vieira do Minho
Description / Facilities
The Restaurant Central, is located in the village of Vieira do Minho and differs from the others because it has a hundred-years-old architecture. With a capacity for 85 seats, initially it was a  coffee house  and, later, to meet the needs of its customers, became a restaurant.

Faithful to the regional gastronomy, it has a variety of dishes including the Roasted Veal, Bordaleiro Lamb Stew, “Bacalhau à Central” (Codfish)  and  the Steak. In addition to these, there is also the seasonal specialities as “Cozido à Portuguesa” (Portuguese Stew),  “Papas de Sarrabulho” with “Rojões à Moda do Minho” (Minho Stewed Pork) and  Cabbage with Beans.
Address: Praça Guilherme de Abreu n.19
Phone: 253647179

02 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2024

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