Restaurante 7º Irmão

Description / Facilities

Tradicional Cuisine

Specialities: "feijoada especial" (special beans and meat stew) , "camponesa" Lamb, "camponesa" veal, , "cozido à moda da casa" (meat and vegetables stew)

Opening hours: 10h00 to 22h00

Day off: thursday (afternoon)

Capacity: 400 people


Address: Estrada Real dos Carvalhais, 3610-013 Dalvares
Phone: 254679357

31 Jul 2020

17 Jul 2020

Ucanha Pillory

There are four steps that compose the pillory pedestal, with octagonal and flat shape and with the same height. The column has a full ring of two frames,...

Sparkling wine Museum of Casa do Paço de Dalvares

Since it is located in the Valley of Varosa, first demarcated region of sparkling wine from Portugal, and traditionally rooted in the sparkling  production...
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