Restaurant Sol e Chuva

Description / Facilities
Located 15 km from Montalegre Village, the Restaurant Sol e Chuva, has a magnificent view over the dam of Pisões, a quiet and elegant place that will give you a magnificent meal while you relax and enjoy the excellent food prepared by the cook. Here you can carry out social meals.
Specialties- In the restaurant Sol e Chuva you can feel the full flavor of “barrosã” regional food. Among the many dishes you have the” barrosã” stew composed of pork, sausages, veal, chicken accompanied by boiled potatoes, cabbage and red beans. The “barrosã” roast veal, “feijoada à transmontana” ( meat, beans and vegetables stew), “barrosã “steak and chop veal. The steak “Sol e Chuva” (house speciality) with chips and rice. “Cabidela” (chicken with rice and a little blood).
In fish the suggestions fall in cod stuffed with onion sauce and stuffed ham with chips. Grilled trout with boiled potatoes and a butter sauce.
Address: Rua do Risante nº1 5470 Pisões
Phone: 276566171
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