Restaurant Rústico & Singelo

Vila Real
Description / Facilities
The Rustic & Singelo Restaurant is located in the heart of the city, between the Cathedral and the  Police Station (PSP), and offers free wi-fi, air conditioning, cable TV with sports channels (Sport TV and Benfica tv) and sound environment.

Daily specialties:
Francesinha (Porto typical dish)
 Mixed of grilled food
Codfish salad
Alheira (bread sausage) - only in the winter months
Prego no pão (steak in bread)
 Veal “bitoque” (veal steak with chips and egg)
Grilled mushrooms
Pica-pau (small pieces of fried meat with pickles)
Burger on the plate and in the bread
“Bifana” in bread ( thinly-sliced pork marinated in garlic, spices and white wine)
Several sandwiches on rustic bread (Vegetarian, Chicken, Salmon, Fillet, Tuna, and Sea Delicacies, among others ...)
Several combined low cost menus (Loin, Chicken, Sausage, “Douradinhos” among others ...)
Specialities for groups (by order):
 “Maronesa” Chop (D. O. P.) with baked potatoes and sautéed vegetables
Codfish with maize bread and baked potatoes
“Brás” Codfish ( crumbled codfish with garlic, oil and eggs)
Tenderloins (Pig) / steaks (veal) with mushrooms
Mixed of grilled food with rice and black beans
Address: Rua Marechal Teixeira Rebelo, nº 12, 5000 - 525 Vila Real
Phone: 259044718

27 Sep 2019

21 and 22 Sep 2019

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