Restaurant Pinto

Description / Facilities
The restaurant is located in the village of Morgade where you can find a rural surroundings, with beautiful views over the dam of Pisões. This is a very modest but welcoming establishment where the owners will do everything to make you feel at home.
Specialties- Some of delicious dishes and specialties that you can taste in Restaurant Pinto are mostly regional dishes like “Cozido à Portuguesa”( Portuguese stew) composed by ear, foot, ham, veal, chicken with vegetables and potatoes. Feijoada à Transmontana (beans and meat stew), the stewed and roasted veal, the lamb, the chops and steaks, eat the best veal meat from the Barroso marshes. You also can delight with a coal roasted codfish.
Address: Rua Principal nº7 5470-302 Criande- Morgade
Phone: 276549231
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