Restaurant Os Treze

Description / Facilities
Regional cuisine and with regional dishes, the restaurant presents a familiar atmosphere, on one of the hillsides surrounding the mountain range of Montemuro, in the middle of the village of Nespereira.
Specializing in the “arouquesa” veal steak and ribs, the Faria restaurant invites you to an incursion into the traditional culture of Cinfães lands, tasting the richest and most combined flavours.
Specialty:”Arouquesa” Veal Steak and Ribs / Grilled Octopus / “Cabidela” Rice (chicken rice with a little blood);
Average price: € 13 / dose
Opening Hours 08h / 02h; Day off: Thursday;
Seating capacity: 58 (Tables: 13)
Director: Rui Teles
Address: Rua José Soares, Vila Chã - Nespereira
Phone: +351256955370
Mini guide of Marco de Canaveses

Mini guide of Marco de Canaveses

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03 Jun to 31 Aug 2019

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