Restaurant O Desgraçadinho

Description / Facilities

This restaurant is a friendly welcoming, genuine space specialised in the traditional barbecue. The typical Portuguese cuisine stands out here for the tasty grilled chicken with the “Guia” style sauce, the spare ribs with smashed roasted potatoes, bacon strips with mushrooms sauce, and also snacks like chicken gizzards, “pica-pau” (small bits of beef in a spicy sauce) and stewed chicken paws. Every day at lunch the menu features a meat dish, a fish dish, and all types of grilled meat.

Working hours: 08h00-22h00

Closing day: Sunday (at dinner)

Address: Rua Dr. Nunes da Ponte, 104 – B, Portela - 4660 Resende
Phone: 912169192

06 Mar 2020

27 to 29 Mar 2020

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