Restaurant Larouco

Description / Facilities
The restaurant Larouco is located in the town of Vilar de Perdizes, 17 km from Montalegre, an incomparable environment of natural beauty. While enjoying a wonderful views over the neighbouring Galicia, you will delight with a selection of the best regional food with the best ingredients such as the meats, the vegetables, the fish with a guarantee of freshness and quality.
Specialties- The gastronomic offer of  Restaurant Larouco is based on all the regional products with the preparation of regional dishes and dishes created by the owner, so that all its culinary representation be as enjoyable and pleasant as possible.
Among other dishes we can distinguish the “Barrosã Vilarense” chop ( house specialty). “Naco à Vilarense” (piece of veal),  “barrosã” stew and roasted lamb.
As fish is suggested, “Bacalhau à Presidente” (codfish)  and grilled codfish with grilled peppers and baked potatoes. Trout ( house specialty),” Primavera” hake ( baked hake).

Address: 2ª Travessa da Pedreira 5470 Vilar de Perdizes
Phone: 276536351

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