Quinta do Sorrego

Castelo de Paiva
Description / Facilities
In Mó, in the parish of Real, we find Quinta do Sorrego. Property worked out and well-kept with care an dedication by the owners, it values the production of a high quality wine. the vineyard is planted in a small plateau, in a schistose land, with a good sun exposure. Based on this characteristics the choice and selection of the grapes varieties is done carefully and rigorously to obtain a final product of exellence, a good white and red green wine. The farm is properly equipped, allowing this way that the whole process of vinification, bottling and commercialization be made here. Dona Quininha is the name given to this wine brand.
Address: Mó - Real, 4550-675 Castelo de Paiva
E-mail: a.esteves@kanguru.pt
Phone: 917565928
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