Quinta do Outeiro

Castelo de Paiva
Description / Facilities
Located in the parish of Bairros,  Quinta do Outeiro, with a vineyard area of 12 hectares, produces high quality wine. The grapes species are carefully and rigorously selected, taking in account the characteristics  of the soil and the vineyard location. Wine cellar equipped with the highest technology, allowing this way a rigor and technical control on the quality of these wines, marketed  with the brand of Outeiro de Bairros e Vale de Ouriz.

Address: Quinta do Outeiro - Bairros, 4550-039 Castelo de Paiva
E-mail: geral@quintadoouteirobairros.pt
Phone: +351 912 697 633
VisitMarco - discover Marco de Canaveses

VisitMarco - discover Marco de Canaveses

01 Jan 2023 to 31 Dec 2024
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