Quinta do Covêlo

Castelo de Paiva
Description / Facilities
Quinta do Covêlo is located half slope facing the west, overlooking the last stretch of the river Paiva. The references to  Quinta do Covêlo, Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Desterro, and their owners  come from several centuries ago, there was already a  reference  on the reign of Dom Sebastião. House and Chapel are now  restored and are in a property of about 9 hectares, part of which  are species  recommended for the Paiva sub-region of the Green Wine demarcated region, respecting the best production and operation techniques. Holding the Green Wine  brand of  Saramagosa, produces green wine (white and red) and sparkling wine (of white wine). The proven quality of its green wines, goes through a  rigorous selection of its species, by the reorganization of  its vineyards, a modernization of its wine cellars and a great technical control in the whole cycle of production, vinification and bottling.
Address: Lugar do Covêlo - Fornos, 4550-357 Castelo de Paiva
E-mail: info@saramagosa.com
Phone: 936962911
Concert of the Band of Vila Boa de Quires

Concert of the Band of Vila Boa de Quires

08 Feb 2020
Concert of the Band of Vila Boa de QuiresThe Banda de Vila Boa de Quires, through the protocol...

01 Dec 2019 to 31 Jan 2020

Caninhas Bridge

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Belvedere of Catapeixe

From this place it is possible to enjoy the stunning views over the river Douro and the Castelo Island.  
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