Quinta Corga da Chã

Castelo de Paiva
Description / Facilities
Quinta da Corga da Chã  is direct and managed, during three generations  by the same family, owing it since 1934. In the nineties they carried out a complete reconversion of the vineyard, having as main concern the selection of the grapes to the most appropriate  type of soil. The characteristics of the terrain where there is the 5 hectares of vineyards resulting the Corga da Chã brand that fits  perfectly with the name of the farm. The vineyard is in a flat terrain (Chã), but in  a deep location (corga), therefore the name Corga da Chã. Located in São Pedro do Paraíso, in a paradisiacal place, with unique geomorphological characteristics as the forest that surrounds it and the brook that crosses it, being this way created the environment for the quality and sucess of theses wines, awarded already several times. The Corga da Chã brand  is in the market since 2005, obeying rigorously to the  most modern technologies that involve this whole process. Produces green wine (white, red and rosé), never forgetting all the knowledge transmitted from generation to generation. The farm opens now its doors sharing its space to all who want it.
Services available (by appointment): guided tours through the farm, with wine tasting room, picking mushrooms on trunk.
Address: Gondra - São Pedro do Paraíso, 4550-458 Castelo de Paiva
E-mail: corgadacha@gmail.com
Phone: 918684725
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