Paiva à Vista Restaurant

Description / Facilities

The average price per meal is 10 €. The specialties are "vitela assada" (roast veal),"bife de Alvarenga" (steak) and "bacalhau" (cod).

Address: Vilarinho - Canelas 4540-057 Arouca
Phone: 256958087
Industrial Tourism - Iron Circuit

Industrial Tourism - Iron Circuit

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2020
Starting at Torre da Oliva, with a presentation of the history of the emblematic factory and a...

01 Jan to 31 Dec 2020

Canyoning: by way of Ribeiro Pequenino

Skip to Cabreiros, go down towards the street to the village center to find the signs of the PR6 ("Path Postman"). Take the path to Tebilhão. The route...

Arouca Handcrafts

Wood, slate or linen. These are the raw materials, which are transformed into unique pieces by skilled hands of local artisans that preserve ancient...
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