O Retiro da Cerca

Oliveira de Azeméis
Description / Facilities
Specialties - Roast veal, grilled cod and steak
Capacity: 70 people
Closed on Sunday

Address: Rua da cerca - Cidacos
Phone: 256688343

07 Jun 2019

23 Feb to 28 Jul 2019

Lena Mills

The Pena Mills are a set of 3 mills located in the place of Codal. One of these mills keeps the original function (grinding cereals), another mill was...

Berço Vidreiro (Handcrafted Glass)

The Berço Vidreiro (handcrafted glass) works in "Casa das Heras", in La Salette Park, and it is associated with the rich heritage of the history of the...
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