O Claudino

Description / Facilities
Restaurant with modern space and very cozy atmosphere.
Great regional dishes, where no shortage of rice and the Valencian Valley of the cardia.
Address: Rua Ângela Adelaide Calheiros Carvalho Meneses, 200 - 4470-177 Cidade da Maia
E-mail: novorumofatima@gmail.com
Phone: +351 22 941 9402

02 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2024

Pinguela Bridge and Mill

It is a bridge with rural characteristics that stands out on the low altitude platform which is based on round arches, dating from the late medieval age...

Este Roman Bridge

In the Touguinhó centre on the Este River, a link was established between the Beira Rio Street and the MS 525. In the threading of the bridge, near Beira...
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