O Buraco Restaurant

Description / Facilities

In a privileged location, on the coast of the river Cávado in the beautiful city of Esposende, we found this nice restaurant.
This is a young, modern space, but minimalist and family, very warm and pleasant atmosphere. The careful presentation, delicate and efficient service and a cuisine based on seafood .
Fish, seafood and grilled meats over coals form the basis of its menu, but the seafood rice, the sole Meunier or mixed grilled fish is a praise to the nobility of fish and shellfish from our waters.
Address: Av. Eng. Arantes e Oliveira, 50, 4740-204 Esposende
E-mail: info@restauranteoburaco.com
Phone: 253986385

01 Apr 2015 to 30 Dec 2020

13 Feb 2021


In Esposende, the traditional gastronomy have a permanent place at the table of the renowned local restaurants. The care in the art of  to make and serve...

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