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"The Municipality of Penafiel has ancestral references in the product Gastronomy and Wines.The lamprey and the shad has been consumed since the Middle Ages, being now part of the traditional gastronomy.

In Penafiel, the most typical dishes are the kid, the portuguese stew, the fried or the pickling brine shad and the lamprey, all accompanied with the excellent wine of the region. The specialities in sweets, are mainly the “bolinhos de amor” (loove cakes), the sponge cake, the “pão podre” (cake made with sugar, flour, eggs, olive oil and lemmon juice) the “rosquilhos” (traditonal biscuits). However, the original confectionery of Penafiel is well represented by its “sopa seca” (dry soup) and the pies of S. Martinho, which are much appreciated by visitors and tourists. Come, and feel Penafiel and its flavours.

Address: Penafiel
Phone: 255215581
DEAD COMBO concert

DEAD COMBO concert

29 Oct 2021
DEAD COMBO concertDate: OCTOBER 29 2021Time: 9:00 pmLocation: Emerging Cultural CenterIn 2021,...
Presentation of the "Avifauna Survey Project in PR7

Presentation of the "Avifauna Survey Project in PR7

06 Nov 2021
Event: Presentation of the "Avifauna Survey Project in PR7 - Ovelha River Villages and...

The Paredes Public Art Circuit

The Paredes Public Art Circuit (CAPP) is the result of an initiative of the Municipality of Paredes together with School of Arts of the Universidade...

Exploratório Visual (Visual Exploratory)

Authorship: Sudents of the Visual Arts Course of the Secondary School of Paredes (Coordinated by Moisés Duarte) This piece is formed by a rhombic...
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