Cozinha Regional Forno de Jales (regional kichen)

Vila Pouca de Aguiar
Description / Facilities
Cozinha Regional Forno de Jales -  In full plateau, this regional cuisine keeps the spirit of the region of Trás-os -Montes in the rustic walls of the original house and is decorated with motifs of “Aguiarense” ( from Vila Pouca de Aguiar) ethnography, where there is no shortage of tools and even a centenarian still. Also on the menu it is evident the rigorous recreation of the ancestral cuisine, especially wild boar or chicken, cooked in iron pot, and the rabbit with gorse rice or codfish in the tile, which are baked right there in the heat the fireplace.
Address: 5450-345 Vreia de Jales
Phone: 932859484

19 May 2019
Tradicional Masks of Trás-os-Montes Exhibition

Tradicional Masks of Trás-os-Montes Exhibition

04 Feb to 24 Mar 2019
In this exhibition you can see the traditional masks of Trás-os-Montes, used since antiquity...

Threshing-floor of Jorjais de Perafita

Thresting floors located on hard flat ground, where cereals were thereshed and winnowed.

Threshing-floor of Perafita

Set of three granite thresting floors where cereals were threshed and winnowed.
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