Casa Sêmea - Solar da Estação Restaurant

Description / Facilities
This house makes history since 1939 and it is know as Casa da Sêmea since ever, but only in October 2010, it was legally registered as Casa da Sêmea, once it has been registered as Solar da Estação.

The name Casa Sêmea is due to its present owner's great-grandmother who made Broas (bread made of a mixture of cornmeal and wheat or rye flour, and is leavened with yeast rather than baking powder or baking soda).

It's a familiar restaurant specialized in regional cuisine, which stands out by its appetizers such as Breaded steaks, Rojões (chunks of lean pork with garlic, salt, pepper, wine and bay leaves), Bolinhos de Bacalhau (fried potatoes, codfish, eggs, parsley), Bifanas (stew pork meat), Pataniscas à Sêmea (shreds of cod with potatoes, flour, eggs, salt, pepper, onions, chopped parsley and water), Kid, Veal, Papas de Sarrabulho (pork, chicken and cow meat, pork blood, corn flour, caraway, salt), only on Sundays.
Address: Largo Marechal Gomes da Costa, n.º 1, 4750-162, Arcozelo, Barcelos
Phone: 253811741
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