Casa de Petiscos- Casa Fontes

Vila Pouca de Aguiar
Description / Facilities
The Casa de Petiscos is integrated in the unit of rural tourism Casa Fontes, in full the main avenue of Pedras Salgadas; a inviting environment, with fireplace, has as main suggestions garlic- sausage, pork sausage, ham, cheese, gizzard, fried codfish and Francesinha for dinner.

All days are served lunch with two dishes to choose, salad, soup, drink, coffee and also offers the service take-away.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday
Address: Av. Lopes de Oliveira nº 56/58, Pedras Salgadas, 5450- 140 Pedras Salgadas
Phone: +351259434231

Farm of Pedra Alta

In one of the most remote and beautiful locations in the Douro, the heritage of traditions and memories recorded over time, keep a life filled with work,...

Tapir of source covered

Isolated polygonal dolmen witch vestibule. The chamber was supported by seven unhewn stones. A National Monument since 1910.
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