Casa de Algar

Castelo de Paiva
Description / Facilities
The wine farm is located in the parish of Santa Maria de Sardoura, on a slope that enjoys an excellent situation within an altitude of 150 metres. After the reconversion and resizing the vineyard got about  8 hectares. The wine produced here is due to a long-standing family project, reaching a high level of quality, resulting  from  the professionalism that is associated with its production. Produces green wine (white, red and rosé), selling it under the brand Pata da Burra.
Services available (by appointment): visit to the farm, with wine tasting room and take part in  the  grape harvest.
Address: Algar - Santa Maria de Sardoura, 4550-731 Castelo de Paiva
Phone: 932222003

09 Nov 2019

19 Oct to 19 Nov 2019

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