Description / Facilities
We serve tasty regional dishes, as well as several barbecued grilled meats, with a mix of sympathy.
It has the capacity for 170 people.
The opening hours are from 9:30 am to 00:00
The average meal price is 12 euros
It is located on National Highway 15

Address: Croca - Penafiel
Phone: 255735167
Used Market

Used Market

25 Jan to 27 Dec 2020
The Used Market is a market that counts on a considerable number of exhibitors of old, used and...

10 Jan to 29 May 2020

Casa de Chá de Cedovezas (Cedovezas Tea House)

Inserted in the Goumet Route, the Casa de Chá de Cedovezas (Cedovezas Tea House) is situated in the small village of Pias. This Tea House is the result of a...

Eurocircuit of Lousada

The place is provided with all the facilities required to carry out several motor sports events.It has a four kart tracks in asphalt, in clay and mixed.
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