Adega do Campo

Description / Facilities

The cuisine in the council of Fafe is enjoyed by locals and visitors. Restaurant Adega do Campo is ready to serve you. Come and visit! 

Specialty: Fafe Roast Veal
Average price: 10.00 €
Address: Rua Nova de Campo n.º367, S. Gens, 4820-654 Fafe
Phone: 253597744

30 Mar to 28 Dec 2019

21 Sep 2019

Casa do Campo - Manor House and Gardens

The Casa do Campo most probably formed part of a group of 29 farm couples whose residents established, perhaps in the 12th century, the parish of St. André...

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Horizontal Palace-like House In this level and first floor House, typically Brazilian, salient for its horizontal lines, with numerous windows and doors,...
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