A Salgueira Restaurant

Description / Facilities

Specialty Traditional Portuguese Cuisine
Address: Rua da Salgueira, 4740-031 Apúlia
E-mail: restaurante.salgueira@hotmail.com
Phone: 253982538
A Way for All

A Way for All

26 Mar 2019
Book of Luísa Sousa for her experience in the Auditorium of Centro de Informação Turístico de...
Amateur Theater Festival Esposend - The Neighbor Side

Amateur Theater Festival Esposend - The Neighbor Side

31 Mar 2019
Sunday - 16:30 Ask: 'The Neighbor Side', André Brun at Forjães theater group in Scene Municipal...


The traditional and Monumental Póvoa de Varzim'sBullfighting Arena

Grupo de Sargaceiros da Casa do Povo de Apúlia

History: It was the year 1934 when Anthony Fernandes Torres, Chairman of the Parish of Apulia, then founded the group Sargaceiros of Apulia. Six years...
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