Mondim de Basto
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Restaurant " O Transmontano"
The Restaurant "O Transmontano", open since 1991 and almost celebrating its silver anniversary, has done to serve well and please the customers in these years that have passed.
 We remain committed to cherish the best our esteemed customers always serving good quality products.
With capacity for 100 people and a modern and elegant decor, featuring a high quality service, we feel like staying for the comfort and absorb all the good things that surrounds us.
At the table are interpreted and presented the traditional Portuguese flavors like the now famous boar, monkfish rice, the goat, the veal and the corns, when tasted it stays  in the mind  that taste of grandma's food.
 We also have the provision of high quality catering services for weddings and other special and unique events. With special care and attention to the details, the dishes and other delicacies have a beautiful visual and delicious presentation, where the expression "the eyes also eat" makes sense.
 Day off: Monday at dinner.
 Capacity: 100 people
Address: Avenida da Igreja, Bloco 3 R/C - 4880-231 Mondim de Basto
Phone: 255381682

03 Jan to 19 Dec 2019

11 Jun to 30 Aug 2019

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Timetable:The first and third thursdays of each month.
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