Macedo de Cavaleiros
Description / Facilities

The house Dona Antónia, is located in an excellent  area of Macedo de Cavaleiros,  in the center of the city. In a  hundred-year-old house, that  was  the first guest house of Macedo de Cavaleiros, the Pensão Prazeres.
A restaurant to go,  Dona Antónia  has a rustic decoration with several old photographs  of Macedo de Cavaleiros and with objects  used by our grandmothers in their traditional kitchens . It Is proud of its cared  cuisine, both in the presentation and  in the selection of the ingredients. Come visit us and taste our unique flavours.

Opening hours:
From 12:00H to 15:00H
From 19:00H to  22:00H

Access for  disabled people;
Air conditioning and fireplace;
Terrace facilities;
ATM, visa and mastercard; 

Private, not covered
Capacity: 120 people
Address: Rua Pereira Charula, 14 5340-278 Macedo de Cavaleiros
Phone: 278421731

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