Vinhal Park

Vila Nova de Famalicão
Located in the valley, between the railway line and the Hospital, the Park of Vinhal is located on the banks of a stream from River Pelhe and results from recent urbanization surrounding it.

The readjustment of the stream and its banks was reconciled with the creation of pathways that allow the full usage of this space. The routes that we found here are punctuated by wooden bridges and benches that are inviting for a rest and observation of nature.

Here prevails the autochthonous flora and fauna, of which interesting specimens can be observed.

The Park users may also enjoy the children's playground and a sports ground. The tranquillity associated to the Park, either by the presence of a thick green stain, or by the presence of the streamlet, provides you with an environment highly conducive to the enjoyment of reading activities, walks along the waterway, and pure relaxation.

Location: Vila Nova de Famalicão
Hortal O Cleto Restaurant

Hortal O Cleto Restaurant

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