Vila Praia de Âncora Beach

Lovely beach thrown into the sea, shelled in amphitheater, smell of mountain, Valley and the sea air.

It´s usually called by Children's Beach, with golden sands and a play space, the murmuring waters of the river and the blue waves making the little ones happy.

Coastal and sandy beach, with unique features that make it highly sought after by the recognized therapeutic qualities, conditions for water sports and fishing.

The village snuggles around the beach, guarded in the north and in the south by Forte da Lagarteira and Forte do Cão. A very varied choice of restaurants provides moments of pure gastronomic pleasure with good snacks fruits of our sea.

By company, Portinho, with fishermen and varinas preparing the labour and displaying the treasures of the Atlantic.

By the promenade, walking or cycling the Atlantic Ecovia, all your energies will be recoverd!

It offers excellent conditions for surfing and windsurfing. For those who wish to learn and perfect surf mode, bodyboard and longboard there is a Surf School Koala.


Location: Caminha
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