Via Panorâmica da Lagoa

Vila Pouca de Aguiar

Panoramic Path of Lagoa

In the middle of the Serra da Padrela, this scenic route has staging points and observation of the landscape that extends above the extraordinary Valoura Valley, up to Pedras Salgadas. This Valley, strongly attached, forming results in a microclimate facilitator of shrubs and trees in warmer climates: in addition to the oak and chestnut trees, cork trees, holm oaks, olive trees, fig trees or almond. The bird-fauna is also unique, especially along the riparian walkway, Ribeiro do Freixo.

The houses, mostly in schist, are well preserved and traditional agriculture maintains its ancient features.

Location: Vila Pouca de Aguiar
Restaurante "O Tijolo"

Restaurante "O Tijolo"

The Restaurant "O Tijolo" specialities are: chicken barbecue, steak, veal medallions, tripe,...
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