Valpaços Gym-Sports Pavilion

Inaugurated in June 2013. With a public sports equipment, modern and energy-efficient, designed for the practice of various sports, the Gym-Sports Pavilion was built in order to provide better quality of life through the promotion of sports, health and well-being of the population and represented an investment of 1.5 million euros, with a contribution of 500,000 euros from ON.2 - North Regional Operational Programme.

This infrastructure is at service of the school community, primary schools and children's gardens, as well as the county's population, for various sporting events. The pavilion is equipped with a workbench of about 300 seats, as well as a space for disabled people moving in wheelchairs, and availability for the high competition games with the newest technology in a contemporary building, characterized by modern lines where natural light is privileged.


Location: Valpaços

Restaurant located a few meters from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Health, specializing in...
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