Ucanha Pillory

There are four steps that compose the pillory pedestal, with octagonal and flat shape and with the same height.
The column has a full ring of two frames, one flat and one curved halfway through its height. It is octagonal, with smooth faces, having by the steps, four faces.

At the top, the same faces are repeated which ends up with distinguished cantonal workmanship where the capital is supported. This consists of a square-shaped frame rather extensive on which rests the massive piece of capital of four sides with concave cut, except for one side where settles the coat of arms.

In the angles, drawn band winds up forming elegant curvature scrolls. A deep groove along their periphery separates the summit plate having the form of a table. The arms of Portugal have only six castles in schematic expression, without the worry of heraldry.

The Tarouca Municipality invites you to discover the Varosa Valley.


Location: Tarouca

Tasquinha do Matias
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Restaurante Solar Espirito Santo

Restaurante Solar Espirito Santo

Open everyday. Openig hours: Lunch: 9:00H-13:00H Dinner:18:00H-22:00H Capacity:160 Pax...
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