The historic center of Ponte da Barca

Ponte da Barca
The historic center of Ponte da Barca is filled with valuable and interesting points. Start with the medieval bridge over river Lima, the old seventeenth century market, the pillory and the Cruzeiro do Curro (Cross Stone of Curro). Keep on going until the Baroque Fountain of São João (St. John) and go up the stairs in direction to the Igreja Matriz (Main Church), a monument of the XVII century. By the church, observe the façade of Casa dos Farias (Farias House), the splendid manor from the second half of the eighteenth century. Towards to Praça da República (República Square) do not miss the Igreja da Misericórdia, one of the oldest churches in Portugal, founded in 1534. Complete this visit next to the building of the Town Hall, and take time to discover the typical flavors of the region as Vinho Verde Vinhão (one grape red wine Vinhão), the kid, the lamprey, the orange cheesecake among other delicacies.

Location: Ponte da Barca
Jaime Gomes

Jaime Gomes

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