Termas de Chaves


Here, the Thermal baths form part of the local identity. The waters of Chaves are used since the Roman occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, as witnessed by the archaeological findings of the thermal baths that can be visited at the ‘Largo Arrabalde’.

Thermal Baths

Integrated in the historical centre of the city, have two structures that are of an obligatory visit: the ‘Fonte do Povo’ and the ‘Buvete’ two places where you can have a first contact with the taste and the unique beneficial properties of the hot waters of Chaves.

The innovation of its list of services are evident in the provision of a thermal double offer purpose of Health and Wellbeing Spa where the quality and safety of services are a compulsory condition. Here is compulsory to taste the unique hot water which sprouts from the land.

Thermal Spa Season: 14 February until December 16

Therapeutic Indications: Rheumatic Disorders and Musculature conditions, Digestive and breathing problems.

Wellness programs: Wellness, Relaxation, Weight-Loss, Anti-Stress.

Combined programs of 3, 5 and 7 days and custom programs. 

Water Composition: Bicarbonates, Sodium, Silicates and Fluoride

Water temperature:  Reaching 73º C

Location: Chaves
McDonald's Chaves

McDonald's Chaves

Opening hours: Sun - Thu 8am to 0am Fri and Sat 8am to 1am Services: Children's Space; Baby...
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