Termas das Caldas da Saúde (Spa of Caldas da Saúde)

Santo Tirso
Located next to the emblematic cities of Porto, Guimarães, Braga… in the northern Portugal, the Spa of Caldas da Saúde offers a set of classic thermal bath and wellness services that stand out by the combination of its natural, technical and human resources.
The first references to the waters of Caldas da Saúde date back to the tenth century, being recognized by its antioxidant capacity and increased resistance to the internal and external aggressions to which we find ourselves subject.
It constitutes a promotion, fitness and a mental health space with having a different service list marked by the combination of thermal water and exercise therapies.

Thermal time: Until 24 December.

Medical indications: respiratory diseases and musculoskeletal disorders.

Wellness programs: relaxation programs designed to customer measure, thermal phyto-reducer, slimming and tonic abdomen plan.

Water Composition: Sulphurous.

Water Temperature: 36 ° C

PH: 8.74

Location: Santo Tirso
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