Souto da Lagoa (Lagoa Thicket)

The Souto da Lagoa and the Souto de Bairros occupy most of the alluvial valley of Bougado, former possession of the King.  The "Reguengo de Vougado", is located between the Monte de S. Gens de Cidai, the Finze small elevation and river Ave, being mentioned in documents of the XIII century.  This valley is characterized by the common Entre-Douro-e-Minho minifundiary agriculture, offering an agricultural and ecological reserve landscape. Around the two Soutos, both marked by places of worship, some houses still maintaining its vernacular features can be seen, standing out farmhouses of the nineteenth century. 

Location: Trofa
Lage d'Água Restaurant

Lage d'Água Restaurant

OPERATING SINCE 2001KITCHEN PROFILERegional cuisineHealthy cuisine (special care: salt and sugar...
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