Solar of Noronhas – A-de-Barros

This Manor-House is a building of the late seventeenth century and early eighteenth century, smooth masonry, with visible Rococo decoration on the edge of the apron windows of the main facade. Above you can see the starry nobility coat. The now existing solar was built in the area and on the primitive ruins. According to tradition, D. Dinis stayed there in 1310. The owner was a wealthy farmer, whom D. Dinis later awarded the title of noble for such kindness. The Casa de  A-de-Barros is a symbol of the covenant of royalty with the people. It was one of the richest and the noblest of the lands of Beira.

Location: Sernancelhe
Restaurante Barros Costa

Restaurante Barros Costa

Typical dishes:- "Feijoada" (beans and meat stew) in a cast iron pot; -"Chanfana" (lamb stew) in...
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