“Sistelo”’s Route

Arcos de Valdevez
The “Sistelo”’s Route, classified and signalled as a short route, marked in both directions, runs through old paths connecting between “Sistelo, Aveleira and Gavieira”’s Brandas. Along the path, a monumental set of terraces between the “Igreja” and “Porta Cova”’s place, always flanked by the “Vez” River, as well as the “Vale Glaciar do Alto Vez”, stays forever in our memory.

 Walking in a single direction into the “Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Peneda” (Our Lady of Peneda’ Sanctuary), by old faith paths and sidewalks that have always guided the devotees and pilgrims along the “Peneda”’ Hill. Still beaten by many devotees and foreigners, allows the walker to feel geographical, social and religious aspects of one of the most typical religious retreats of “Minho – Peneda”’s Pilgrimage, where the religious and the profane come together in harmony.

Points of interest:
Igreja - Sistelo
Comunidade Rural de Padrão
Comunidade Rural de Porto Cova
Branda do Furado
Peneda – Gavieira

Typology: Small Route
Length: 20 km
Duration (hours – approximate): 9h00
Type of tread: Sidewalks and trucker’s ways
Degree of difficulty: Moderate
Starting point: Igreja – “Sistelo”’ village
Arrival: “Santuário da Srª da Peneda” (Sanctuary of Lady of Peneda) – “Gavieira”’ village

Location: Arcos de Valdevez
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