Senras Dairy

Vila Nova de Famalicão

Our story began being written for over 30 years and our cheese is still made today in the same manner as from the first day, in an artisanal handmade method and without additives. 

The Senras cured cheese, buttered, from cow's milk has a rounded shape, soft, soft crust, smooth aroma and creamy yellow unique flavour, the Senras cheese is a result of a tradition and know-how of two generations.

The Senras Cheese appeared in 1983, with the objective of optimizing the excellent quality of the milk produced by then. 

The quality and flavour of Cheese Senras is the result of this being an artisanal product and the whole manufacturing process, from animal feed to the final product, being made in detail.

Location: Vila Nova de Famalicão
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