Senhor Coberto Cross Stone

Oliveira de Azeméis

The Cross Stones are religious symbols, usually located near the roads or the intersections, indicating the direction or the proximity to a temple. Deployed close to a junction in the center of the village, the Pinheiro da Bemposta stone cross is protected by a template. It consists of four pillars, topped by pinnacles that support the entablature and the spire. In the inside, on a column, the cross stone features arms that end in fleur-de-lis showing on one side the image of Christ crucified. The cross stone was raised in 1604 and rebuilt in 1774, according to the dates inscribed on the template. The cross with the figure of Christ is from this period, and it replaced the previous cross. It was restored in 1901. It is classified as national monument.

It is worked in a mannerist and rococo style. It is composed by a base of three steps on which stands a small template of quadrangular plant formed by four pillars which is framed with high pedestals. The upper body develops a pyramidal entablature and roof. The stone cross is based on a half-column pedestal, in the inside. The entire body is sheltered by bars. The template cross stones are very usual in the district of Aveiro.

Location: Oliveira de Azeméis
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