Santa Comba’s Hill Belvedere

The landscape glimpsed from the Santa Comba’s Hill is the widest of Valpaços County. With about 1050 meters altitude, the Santa Comba's Hill has its summit at the Vales village, being considered the most beautiful and all-encompassing belvedere of Trás-os-Montes and one of the best in the country, the Santa Comba Belvedere. At different times of the year, in the festivity's place, one can glimpse superb views on the surroundings of the transmontanas mountains, including Padrela Hill, Bornes Hill, Montesinho Hill and Coroa Hill, among others, as well as a part of Vila Real and Bragança districts, and also the region of Sanábria with its towering mountains that go beyond the 2100 meters above sea level, situated in Castilla and León.

Located in one of the highest points of the hill, the sanctuary dedicated to Santa Comba, realizes, every year on the 8th of August, a religious festivity in honour of the feast's patroness which gave the name to the hill; the pilgrimage is based on the legend of Santa Comba dos Vales.

The Santa Comba hill is also increasingly sought for the realization of the out proof of paragliding, seen allow take-offs in several senses, as to west since Vales village, Valpaços municipality, as well as to east at the Mirandela municipality in the villages of Passos and Lamas de Orelhão. It are also held various climbing evidence on the slopes of the Sierra de Santa Comba.

Location: Valpaços
Restaurante Adega

Restaurante Adega

Day Off: Sunday (dinner)
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