Rosa Sousa - Shop of traditional pastry and desserts

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Entrepreneurship, art, ingenuity, innovation and work!

Enterprise with in-house manufacturing since 1974, aimed to combine flavour and knowledge through the reinvention of traditional recipes and the creation of unique products.

Flagship products: Pão-de-Ló de Margaride (the famous Margaride sponge cake), Cavaquinhas de Margaride, Cavaquinhas da Serra (exclusive product), pudim Abade de Priscos and  Doce do Foral.

The Rosa Sousa company obtained, in 2015, an Honourable Mention in the  Tâmega Sousa Empreendedor award for Category 2, "New Innovative Enterprise".

Shop with exclusive representation of sparkly wines from Quinta de Maderne.

Field of activity: traditional pastry and desserts
Own brands: Rosa Sousa
Visits: Monday to Friday
Pre-booking: 3 days
Number of visitors: Minimum 2; maximum 12
Minimum age: N/A
Accessibility for the disabled: Yes
Languages: Portuguese, English, French and German 
Direct-to-consumer shop: Yes
Showroom: Yes

Location: Felgueiras
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