romariz camp

Sta Maria da Feira

In Romariz you will find one of the most significant archeological stations of the region between the Douro and Vouga rivers. The Romariz Camp is a fortified settlement from the 5th century BC, which kept various levels of occupation until the 1st century AD. The archeological works conducted here have allowed to identify the various stages of the proto-historical and roman occupation of this settlement. It boasts several kinds of ceramics, glass pieces, metals, coins and epigraphs, with special emphasis on its significant collection of indigenous, punic, greek and roman ceramics and two monetary treasures, which indicate the indigenous ergology and the regional and long-distance exchanges that bear witness to the richness of the settlement’s chronological and cultural background, thus enhancing its importance within the context of the fortification culture in Northwestern Iberia.

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Location: Sta Maria da Feira
O Casarão

O Casarão

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