Refúgios com Alma

Peso da Régua

Refúgios com Alma is dedicated to organising, planning and accompanying tourist ventures and logistic support services for tourism activities. The idea of the company is to develop activities concerned with the Nature, Traditions, Culture, Flavours and People of the Douro. It is directed at a Douro of contrasts, of traits simultaneously inhospitable and virile, to the classic Douro which is revealed when the granite, gorse and heather give way to the schist, the vines, the rock-rose and rosemary. This expresses its beauty and seduction in the enigmatic balance between the river, the stone, the vines and the sky. All the activities are aimed at awakening the senses, enveloping the visitor in the attitude that the Douro reflects, seeking out the deep Douro, the Douro off the beaten track, so we do not just follow particular routes, but organise a set of activities that enable people to plunge in what reveals what the Douro really is, that photographs and words can’t always describe.

Location: Peso da Régua
Churrasqueira Pão Pão

Churrasqueira Pão Pão

It serves dishes of traditional Portuguese cuisine. Good and friendly service.
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