Platform of Arts and Creativity

The Arts and Creativity Platform is an infrastructural project to transform the Old Market of Guimarães into a multifunctional space dedicated to artistic, cultural and economic-social activity. This equipment houses a series of valences and spaces dedicated to three major program areas.
The Emerging Ateliers of Creativity Support are workspaces designed for young creators who, in several areas of activity, intend to develop projects of a temporary nature, impelling a creative dynamic that permeates the entire platform. It also has a restaurant / cafeteria, a bookstore and a car park.
Creative Laboratories are business support offices for the reception and installation of activities related to the creative industries, betting on innovation and entrepreneurial projects. The provision of common utilities, work and support rooms is envisaged.
This equipment dedicates the inner square of the old market to the public usufruct and its extension to the adjacent terrain, giving to the city the effective acquisition of a singular and qualified public space, with dynamic and appealing activities and spaces of socialization and community life.
José de Guimarães International Arts Center
Inaugurated on June 24, 2012, in the context of Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture, the José de Guimarães International Arts Center (CIAJG) is a structure dedicated to contemporary art and the relationships that it weaves with arts from different eras and different cultures and disciplines. The CIAJG brings together pieces from the three collections that José de Guimarães has been collecting for nearly five decades - African Art, Pre-Columbian Art and Ancient Chinese Art -, works by the artist and other contemporary artists and objects of popular, religious and archaeological, in a spiritual and symbolic script that describes a geographical and temporal arc that originates in his native city - the city of Guimarães - and that crosses civilizations of three continents with rich and complex cultures, to return to the place of origin, providing a reflection about diversity as a form of identity construction. In short, the CIAJG works as an Atlas, approaching and relating objects, images and ideas of cultures from places very distant from each other.
The building of the José de Guimarães International Arts Center assumes a radically different language, in contrast to the surrounding, both from the point of view of its expression and image, discontinuous and repetitive, or by the succession of volumes, full and empty, accentuated by the juxtaposition of contrasting surfaces. This succession of volumes and dissonant elements was due to the need to create a multiplicity of different spaces in the exhibition rooms of the CIAJG, creating an evident tension in the volume of the building and in the relation with the space of the square, becoming the main characteristic of its drawing.

Location: Guimarães

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