Per do Outeiro - (Housisng Project)

Conjunto Habitacional (Housing Project)  - Per Outeiro


This housing set is located in an area near the city center. The inland condition confirms the weakness of the urbanity that shows obvious difficulties of articulation, where it is clear the absence of any urban design strategy. Such situation defines the complexity that the project has to face, once that the "location" and the image of the building have to result of the commitment that is necessary to establish between the scale that is proposed, and the scale that characterizes the environment, without prejudice to the collective use of spaces.

Contemporary Architecture



Historical and Architectural Value
This PER was designed by the architect João Álvaro Rocha and it was completed in the year 2000. The building is implanted on the opposite of the entrance of the parceling and it is directly relationed with the Central Telefónica building, aloowing the “regularization” of the interior of the land boundaries. The austerity, the economy of means and the accuracy that characterizes the project results in a unified and cohesive image which reinforces its identity.


Location: Maia
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