Pelourinho de PortoCarreiro / Pelourinho da Torre

Marco de Canaveses

Pillory of the Modern Age. Square platform consists of three steps. With square notch in the top edge and central to fit the column monolithic base. Stem of circular section with entase and collar. Inverted square pyramid topped by four small columns at the corners and prismatic a central larger finished with metallic cross with pinwheel. The board, monolithic, has a base of circular collar forming on the collar of the shaft. The four sides of the board have an inscription in Portuguese, in capital characters spread over two lines. The partial destruction of the topline prevents full reading of the text. The shank also has spiked a metal ring.

Location: Marco de Canaveses
Restaurante Sampaio

Restaurante Sampaio

The Restaurant Sampaio is located on Avenida Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, in Tuías, Marco de...
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